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anyone know any websites to download sound kits from?

17 notes - 19 March, 2013

Tagged: vst sound kits beats music

  1. bmdaniels answered: probably gonna have to torrent them
  2. the-infintie-end answered:
  3. you-onlydieonce answered:
  4. all-hail-kiwi answered: Do you use FL?
  5. wakinbakinbootyshakin answered:
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  7. scoogoogoo answered: Got an answer for beyondhighh?
  8. leptosdehlurch answered:
  9. this-old-ark answered: Depends if you wanna pay or not. has some sick ones for house music, but im sure you could find some you like
  10. digitalplague answered: try to torrent it. Use kickasstorrents