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i wanna go to the gym but i wanna play some 2k 

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b-ak3d said: yeah he is kind of losing his shit a lil because of that girl and ghost on some shit with that sidechick and the club. shits gonna go down next season.

bro sooooo much shit is gunna happen next season, ghost’s sidechick might find out hes still a drug lord and lock him up, his wife might tell the sidekick so she fucks ghosts life up.  it just sucks were gunna have to wait so fucking long though

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*welcome to mcdonalds*

him:”hold on a second”

him: “you still gone suck my dick tonight?”

her: “no”

him: “IIght its gone be two separate orders “

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Look at the concentration on the barber face making sure he don’t become the third tear drop
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b-ak3d said: yoo I knew 50 was the one scheming. also soo mad this season ws so short.. I am pretty sure Tommy is my favorite character.

bro i feel like tommy is gunna either die soon or get locked up because last episode he was getting too fucked up on that coke and acting crazy. that chick he with aint gunna do him no good either. but atleast they are coming out with a season 2 

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Anonymous said: Yo you think the last episode of Power was crazy?

hell yea!!! that chick about to fuck everything up for ghost and tommy and i knew 50 was up to something. im tight the next episode is the last one of the season smh 

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Will Farrell is the realest nigga ouchea
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katt stacks is sooooooooo washed up

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lchry said: do you follow Denny's on tumblr?



They wish.


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